Process for protecting polycarbonate from wiping

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

“Polycarbonate (PC) is very sensitive not only to scratching but also to even wiping with textiles or non-wovens. It can be a serious problem just to handle PC in production such that the integrity of the surface is kept. We report on a new process for rendering PC resistant to small scratches by wiping and similar procedures. For this, a very thin base coat from silicon dioxide is deposited by some low pressure or atmospheric plasma. Subsequently, a slippery polymer such as an easy-to-clean material is deposited on the surface. It was found that this results in significantly reduced scratching of PC surfaces upon wiping by a stroke tester with a felt disc. In addition, the resistance to a hardness pencil was also increased.”

More in our PDF:

PDF: Process for protecting polycarbonate from wiping